DCm's Passion for creation has no

end, and Painting is one of her favorite creative outlets.

She creates painterly works with

a variety of mediums

including oil, acrylic, and aerosol,

endowing her style with 

vividness and versatility.

"When I paint, I step into my own universe. It's so entrancing and meditative to get lost in a painting. Time truly is irrelevant, then something beautiful and new emerges." -DCM 

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Check out DCM's latest painting inspired by "La Feria de Las Flores" which takes place annually in Medellin, Colombia.


This work features a Pre-Columbian figure found in Tayrona, Colombia. A medallion worn by powerful figures in the tribe, usually a chief or Cacique. Hence the title of the work, "Poderoso" which translates into "The powerful One."

DCM's depiction of the ancient figure pays tribute to the native people of Colombia while highlighting the lush Colombian landscape through simplified floral patterns and a few jungle creatures. Her psychedelic color palette communicates the mysticism of the people, the land and their rituals.